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Check out the website for yourself here, where you can view just a few of the thousands of cow profiles.

You can also learn more about it in the video below, which includes interviews with a Turkey Hill researcher and Filo Spolar, a farmer who says that Cows Only gave him “a whole new herd.” Leave a Comment These comments are intended to be a discussion of the information presented in the blog postings.

Turns out, cows are a lot like people, and all they really need to be happy is the right partner.

That’s why Turkey Hill created Cows Only.com, a bovine-exclusive website that uses a patented, five-step algorithm (and a bunch of other scientific stuff cooked up by our Research & Development team) to match the right cow with the right partner.

Many spoke the Turkish of those times, but many others spoke Bosnian, Greek, Kurdish, Albanian, Arabic or Bulgarian, or the languages of Circassians, Georgians or Tatars as their mother tongues.

Despite the ethnic ideology that some later tried to impose, Atatürk’s Republic was founded on a multi-ethnic basis – indeed there is his famous answer to the question of who is a Turk: A Turk is a citizen of the Turkish Republic.

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It’s been proven that happier cows produce better milk, and better milk produces better ice cream.

And when it comes to happy cows AND better ice cream, Turkey Hill Dairy takes that pretty seriously.