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He was indicted by a grand jury in Boston for robbing and killing women he allegedly met through the (now closed) Craigslist adult services section.Markoff committed suicide before being tried for those crimes.Join us for a panel with Rachta Lin, Daniel Presedo, and Nikolai Svakhin, as well as other artists and illustrators at Adobe HQ as they demonstrate their creative work flow and illustrate live.After the panel, mingle with the panelists during a social hour while enjoying food, beverages, and a rotating digital gallery with work submitted by you!“Bottom line is, if I didn’t agree with what Barack was saying, I would not support his run.I stand there proudly and I hope they are too, standing with their spouses proudly. ”When Colbert brought up Melania cribbing from Michelle’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech during her remarks at the Republican National Convention, the first lady smiled and then deadpanned: “Yeah, that was tough.”If Hillary Clinton was running against Jeb Bush, or almost any Republican candidate other than Donald Trump, I doubt the Obamas would be devoting themselves to getting Clinton elected in such an ambitious and unprecedented way.Those attending the panel will have the chance to showcase their art (confirmed attendees will be sent instructions with more information on how to submit).

She had purchased the kit on a trip to Europe but never assembled it.

Like childbirth or a Las Vegas vacation, no one comes away from buying or selling something on Craigslist without a story.

The website that started in 1995 as one man’s mode of sharing announcements and party invites with friends is now one of the world’s largest virtual flea markets, used in about 50 countries and operating in more than a half-dozen languages.

“You have to be very careful in what you say.” While researching my book, First Women, about the modern first ladies, I found that there is a camaraderie among these women, from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama, who have stood by their husbands all the while being expected to play the role of the perfect wife, mother and role model.

But such compassion is strikingly absent now, as the 2016 presidential election has become more personal and bitter than any we’ve seen in recent history.