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Our co-hosts Annie Minoff and Elah Feder have a brand new story for us. And you’re going to hear that some of his science doesn’t age that well today, it’s a little bit ridiculous. TOBIAS: Ever since Ulrichs, in the literature you meet with the statement that homosexuals cannot whistle. But this episode isn’t, you know, about making fun of Magnus or this old timey science, because a lot of the things that he did made a lot of sense. ELAH FEDER: So for example, he was interested in whether homosexuality ran in families. Or you might remember a few years ago there were a bunch of studies looking at the correlation between finger length ratios and sexual orientation. And ultimately this would also have the effect of changing the law. This does not agree with the results of our statistics. ANNIE MINOFF: So this was really Magnus’ MO, right? He felt like if he could get his science out into the world, he would be making the world a better place. Lime juice to tighten vaginal walls has also been researched and used by women the world round, but using it undiluted can be harmful and damaging to the delicate balance of p H in the vaginal canal.Because of the citric acid in the fruit it can even increase the risk of certain STI’s, and promote infections, and can serve to be an irritant for many women.

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One area that has become more prominent recently has been women attempting to rejuvenate their intimate areas which have sagged or become looser due to childbirth or aging.Now, manufacturers are looking beyond simple stimulation devices; wearables are gaining traction, though they're a bit different than the wristbands so many people associate with wearable tech.Oh Mi Bod's Krush, due out this spring at a price of , is a device women can insert vaginally to help strengthen their pelvic muscles. He was, in the 1930s, touring the world lecturing about sexuality in China and India. I mean, he was like an institutional figure in Berlin, where he was from. It was in a big villa in the middle of town, or the Tiergarten, which is like Berlin’s Central Park. Here is Robert Beachy, professor of history at Yonsei University. And he was really hoping that his science would lead to greater acceptance of gay and lesbian people. Science Friday transcripts are produced on a tight deadline by 3Play Media. I mean, when you think pioneering sex research you might think Kinsey, but Magnus was a huge deal in his day even though he’s not very well known today. They had a sex museum that was apparently a big tourist attraction. ELAH FEDER: And also, this institute offered a really– they had a public education mission.