Dating longcase clocks

Bornholm clocks are pendulum driven clocks that were made from 1745 until 1990.However the demand for Bornholm grandfather clock began receding in recent years.Most are of wide appearance being made between 18 in centres such as Wigan and Halifax.An 8 day mechanism is the preferred and is easily recognisable by virtue of having two winding squares that pierce the dial, one winds the clock the other the bell strike.Also, if I know anything about your clock, I will also post a comment for you.Post the clock you would like to learn more about here.

These are Danish long case clock driven by a pendulum made in Bornholm, a Danish island found in the Baltic Sea.

A 30 hour mechanism is wound by opening the cabinet door and pulling down on an internal chain.

The dial is full and lacks the unnecessary winding squares.

The origins of the longcase clock are somewhat confused but it seems that they originated from the lantern clock.

This type of clock had evolved from having a balance wheel escapement to the anchor escapement with a long pendulum and weights hanging underneath.