Do tall guys like dating short girls

looked at the sex lives of heterosexual men who have steady female partners. While some may be deemed cocky, in the same vein a woman is considered a "bitch" simply because she knows what she wants, short guys are brewing with security. Research from New York University found that short men are significantly less likely to get divorced than average and tall men. The average height for men is 5-foot-9 and NOT six-feet.They found that the lucky dudes getting it on the most were 25 to 29 years old, weighed less than 172 pounds ... In fact, the Napoleon Complex is actually code for ridiculously ambitious. While tall men want to get married earlier, their marriages don't last like those of short men. Once you drop that absurd height requirement, you'll double, and maybe even triple, your chances for love.7. When you're laying down getting it on, who even notices height? What won't surprise you is that it seems that tall or short, ladies can't win either way. (And quit acting like her height is some illustration of their age gap; she'd still be that short if he was 30 instead of 42.) Unfortunately, people do judge women by their height, and some of the assumptions they draw from size are shocking. Many women scoff at the idea of dating shorter men, and and a poll claims it's actually the vast majority of women.According to a survey by High And Mighty, 70 percent of women say a man under six feet wouldn't stand a chance with them. For starters, society has taught us that men are "supposed" to be taller than women, but if we go by that archaic rationale, then I should be in the kitchen cooking up a pot roast for my boyfriend.As we know now, Napoleon wasn't exactly as short as we thought; he was actually average height for the time. Men who are on the shorter end of the height spectrum live, on average, two years longer than taller men. In fact, the closer your man is to you in height, the more perfectly things are going to line up.

More often than not it means they're not dating any guys.

Mary Kate Olsen stepped out with her boyfriend, Not-Nicolas Sarkozy (Olivier is the ex-French president's brother), and his young daughter. "Overall, tall women were rated as more intelligent, affluent, assertive and ambitious than shorter women," in a 2005 study.

Jokes about playdates and straight up "eww"ing ensued in the comments of any blog that picked up a pic. Perhaps that's related to a finding in another British study, in which men judged shorter women to be more nurturing and better potential mothers than tall women. ) And I was actually shocked to read that in the 1950s, estrogen was used to halt the growth of healthy young girls who were in "danger" of becoming so tall they'd be unmarriageable. For every tall girl who felt like an unfeminine giant in high school (and beyond), there's a little lady who felt like a permanent kid with no sex appeal or like she'd been squished down from a normal-size woman.

Of course, there are exceptions, but overall, men prefer shorter girls because of a lot of reasons.

These reasons can range from their physical appearance to boosting their ego to even finding little women cute.