Intimidating news

Legends Series: Gerald Williams Defensive Tackle1986-94It’s a dream many little boys that love football have, to one day play in the NFL.

And to play for your favorite team, well that would just be the icing on the cake.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has told world leaders to stop 'intimidating' North Korea following the dictatorship's latest missile test.

Putin said attempts to bully Kim Jong-un's regime were 'unacceptable', though he admitted the missile test was equally wrong.

For former Steelers defensive tackle Gerald Williams, that dream became a reality when he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the second round of the 1986 NFL Draft.

Foley said intimidation tactics like the ones employed in this case happen all too frequently in Milwaukee County."For a lot of these women that's very heartbreaking to see another woman pretending that this didn't happen to her when she knows what her truth is," Foley said.MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) principal is accused of intimidating a rape victim as she was preparing to testify in court. It's still a shock to me right now."Washington High School Principal Valencia Carthen and her alleged romantic partner, Jason Cunningham, are both charged with intimidating a witness.Washington High School senior De Jon Williams was in disbelief after he received the news that his principal is behind bars."I thought it was a joke at first. "We see that fairly frequently, we do," Jane Foley said.If discussions could be arranged, it would mark the first significant development in diplomacy with North Korea since the nation pulled out of six-party talks in 2009.President Trump said earlier this month that he would be willing to participate in talks 'under the right circumstances', though his administration said that possibility was slim after the missile launch.