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The 13RW discussion emphasized the need to talk through difficult subjects – to get our feelings out, to be heard, to bounce our perspective off others and see where our viewpoints or experiences fall in comparison.

This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.Thank you all for joining us on a frank and honest discussion on your thoughts on media portrayal, messaging, mental health, outreach, and awareness – especially during Mental Health Month.‘13 Reasons Why’ (13RW) provided a unique opportunity to catalyze the discussion and we thank you for your views, recommendations, and resources. The video was shared 189 times and received nearly 200 real-time comments that discussed different perspectives on mental health portrayal in the media and the importance of education, access, and support. Refers to computer systems that communicate to each other through a network without passing through a central server.Each computer on the network communicates with each other computer.