Msdn datagridview cellvalidating

If bound mode does not meet your performance needs, you can manage all your data in a custom cache through virtual-mode event handlers.

thankxxxxxx There are two ways to manage unwanted execution of event handlers."but when i correct and enter a valid date, i still get an error.

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Value) str Result = Date Diff("D", Hire Date, Due Date) If str Result Rory (Clissold Solutions) The cell Validating event fires before the Data Grid View gets updated, so you can't get the new value from the Data Grid View object.

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For example, you can make data entry more efficient by providing default values for new rows and by alerting users when errors occur.

cell Parsing and Cell Validating are events of gridview for windows application.

Cell Parsing: It occurs when the user leaves edit mode, regardless of whether the value of the current cell has been modified.

Msdn datagridview cellvalidating