Nicole richie dating history

Her biological father is often cited as Peter Michael Escovedo, a member of Lionel Richie's band and brother to pop percussionist Sheila E., but this has not been confirmed.

At age three, for financial reasons, Nicole moved in with her father's bandmate Lionel, and Lionel's wife Brenda Harvey-Richie.

And I've been down this road before, so I know I'll recover.

What's been excellent for me is I've had my writing and the studio to go to, so I'm not just sitting around idle. When the going gets tough, you get real busy.'He grins; the 55-year-old singer certainly exudes full-on, glossy confidence.

Nicole Camille Escovedo was born in Berkeley, California, on September 21st, 1981.

Her biological mother was a backstage assistant for singer and musician Lionel Richie.

'I went through a period of shock and all at first, but then what happens is, you kind of relax and realise it's a process that you'll go through.

Like my dear friend Elizabeth Taylor said once, "It's the first one you have to get over." "After that, you kind of know what's coming.

In 2003, Richie starred with childhood friend Paris Hilton in Socialite, actress.

He dueted another of his songs, 'Endless Love', with Diana Ross - which outsold all previous Motown singles.

In 1982 he went solo and the hits kept coming - 'All Night Long', 'Hello', 'Say You, Say Me' - until the late 1980s when he went into retirement.

Instead she has been focusing on health and beauty issues and has published two books on the subjects.

Meanwhile, Nicole who shares two children with Good Charlotte lead singer Joel, 38, is returning to the spotlight.