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Birth Name: Satya Sorab Bhabha Place of Birth: London City, London, England, U. Date of Birth: 13 December, 1983 Ethnicity: *Parsi Indian (father) *Ashkenazi Jewish (mother) Satya Bhabha is a British-born American actor. Satya’s mother was also born in Mumbai, to German Jewish refugee parents, and was raised in Milan, Italy.

Satya is the son of lecturer Jacqueline Bhabha (born Jacqueline M. Satya’s maternal grandparents were Paul Moritz Strimpel and Mathilde Rosenthal. Mathilde was Professor of English at the University of Milan.

Her husband, American diplomat Joe Wilson was attempting to verify a claim that the Iraqis had recently purchased enriched uranium from Niger when the White House began beating the war drums before any solid evidence had been gathered.

When Joe penned an editorial in The New York Times decrying the hasty call to war, a prolific Washington, D. journalist took the opportunity to reveal Plame's identity as a CIA operative, an act that not only put her career in jeopardy, but also left her various contacts overseas in a precarious position.

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