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Do you see yourself being with this guy in the future? When you're in a relationship, you hope for the best. But in relationships, just like in life, anything is bound to happen.

In Ghana, few parents talk to their children about sex.

I've found that a lot of males don't even know how to put on condoms properly, and I have to teach them. Sometimes when I've talked to guys about sex ed and they find out I'm selling condoms, they're like, "Oh, what? I was so shy to talk about it, even with my close friends. I think having the knowledge about it is better than not having it. Now I can talk to anyone about it and not feel shy. When I first started talking to guys about the dangers of STDs and STIs, a lot of guys were like, "Oh." But they started to realize that there's more to it than they thought.

I've found that many of my peers in Ghana don't know much about sex education, and a lot of them feel uncomfortable when you talk to them about it. Some people want to talk about it, but the way society is, people feel shy and they don't feel free to talk about sex. How has your view on sex changed from when you first read about it to now? What's the funniest question someone's asked you about sex?

He wants me to be his sugar mummy - someone to dress him, pamper him and travel the world with, all at my expense, of course.

That's the way society is — our culture and our traditional beliefs.

" Meanwhile, they actually need a condom and some will come and buy them at night. Why do you think Ghanaian women are more shy when talking about sex? I can gather a whole bunch of guys and talk about sex and they're all like, "Wow." I think it's 'cause of Planned Parenthood. So a lot of guys have sought me out to talk about it.

But the more you do so, the more difficult real dating becomes. Because dating requires openness and increased feelings of being vulnerable and exposed. Don’t let him (or steamy chemistry) talk you into having sex too soon. Notice how you feel when you’re with him and when you’re apart.

Dating is about practicing connection at different levels and being seen for who you are. If he is the right guy, you will feel good about yourself and who he is.