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Are you currently experiencing feelings of anger, fear, sadness, shame or hopelessness? Many of us walk around with these (and other) hidden wounds.

It is a.m., and one shaft of sunlight is pushing its way down from the sky, through a crack between two buildings, across a street full of pickup trucks and Ford Tauruses, through a plate-glass window, and falling heavily upon the table, upon my breakfast. Three hours at a crap table here, five hours of blackjack there, a driving range, a stack of pancakes, maybe a bus ride, thirty drinks in those tiny little casino glasses, a six-hour poker tournament, then a sprinkle of rain, a cigar by a river I can't name, and a miraculous hamburger at a.m. I am in Nevada, leading a life in which the sun is a mere footnote to the mission. When the jacks hold, he shrugs his massive shoulders. "I gotta get a haircut anyway," he says, and he walks away. There aren't cameras everywhere like in Vegas, and even the pit bosses don't seem to track you as hard. In Vegas, it may feel like you can be seen, that you might be one of the beautiful people, but in Reno, it feels like you can disappear for a while. Or for the seedy whorehouses that dot the perimeter of the city, only to find the solace of a classy, well-run cardroom like the one at the Peppermill.

Three days that seem composed only of wedges of time, vignettes played alternately by people on the make or on vacation. "They are very fast, tough to stay up to your average," the bowler says as he stands. Ten people -- now nine -- thrown together from all corners. I flew in on a propeller plane, which added to my sense that I was headed to a sort of backwater.

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