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I've been like "You know what, whatever, I'm just gonna sign her name", because the person was so crazy excited and so I decided to just go along with it. Usually I'll be like, "Oh, I'm sorry to disappoint you!

British born Speedman, who has also starred on the big screen in films including the Underworld franchise and romantic weepie The Vow alongside Rachel Mc Adams, offered a reassuring hand to his blonde girlfriend before lifting her off of the rocks.She is the only child of Kevin Palmer, an investor, and Paula Sanders, a former nurse and missionary. The director had seen her head shot on the acting agency's website and wanted her to be in the movie.Palmer thought that she would work in an animal rescue service, and eventually open her own animal welfare agency.Luke Evans, Teresa Palmer, and Alfred Molina also star in the film, which is set to debut on the streaming service in just a few weeks, beginning on August 4.Cast: Michael Peña, Dax Shepard, Jessica Mc Namee, Adam Brody, Ryan Hansen, Vincent D'Onofrio, Justin Chatwin, Kristen Bell, Jane Kaczmarek, Rosa Salazar, Angelique Kenney, Maya Rudolph, Adam Rodriguez, Ben Falcone, Richard T.