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We did a shot, then I sabered a bottle of champagne with a sword.

“I got off the phone and ran across the street to the bar where I worked and told my boss everything.

The Seattle-based singer, who was featured in 2012’s Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Equality anthem “One Love”, explained how “Hang Out With You” came about: she said the couple wrote the song on a day when Lambert said she was feeling under “serious pressure to write the next hit. Chamuel produced, engineered, sang backing-vocals and also appeared in the video, a sweet love-at-first-sight story, directed by Zoe Rain.

I got so fed up trying to write something everyone else wanted me to write and at one point I just said, ‘I don’t want to write a song. In it, Lambert plays a girl who decides to call in sick and, instead, takes her dog out for a walk on the beach.

I think we’re all at fault for sort of doing that to each other, so that’s for me at least when I wanted to write the song, I wanted to come from the point of view of ‘Yeah! ’ But I think the best way to ask people to be vulnerable, is to put the lens on yourself.” On the importance of honesty in "Secrets": “It’s important! So let’s be honest and we can all come from a point of ‘Okay, this happened to me and I’m over it.’ At least we can come from a point of honesty, that way we can empathize with each other and that way everything will just be better.” On her girlfriend [] finalist Michelle Chamuel: “We work on our music together! I want to do things that make my body feel good and that’s what I’m about – doing what makes me feel good.” On her Grammy performance of "Same Love": “So I cry a lot, that’s sort of my thing and I cried pretty much collectively for 6 hours before Grammy night.

Because I believe in doing what makes you feel good and for me, I go on hikes!

“Because we’re living in a climate and culture that is literally bananas.

If you don’t suffer from something, what aren’t you seeing, where are you, how are you coping with what you are seeing?

“Hang Out With You” has over 20 dogs in it, which got her a huge thank you tweet from the Humane Society. She’s really supportive.” What a loving girlfriend!! Don't let Michelle go anytime soon, and it doesn't sound like the songstress will! So, I’m going to continue to do that until things subside a little bit. She was in a great blazer and it was really nice to have her there.“We’re definitely in a shit show in America right now,” Lambert says, “and it’s imperative to keep your eyes open and stay aware of what’s happening.But in being present in the shit show, you’re hopefully also able to see the capacity of resilience in people, and the undying faith that so many people have that things are going to be okay.” “I think it’s weird when someone have mental illness or strange way of coping with the world,” she adds.