Who was anne heche dating before ellen

(He, uh, responded in a library verse.) Sometimes crazy person Heche — whose father revealed he was gay before his AIDS death (and who Heche says molested her as a child and gave her herpes), and whose mother is a Christian psychotherapist … and said, “I decided this was not going to be something that I was going to live the rest of my life being ashamed of.”Hours after the Oprah interview aired, De Generes’s charismatic bookstore owner character, Ellen Morgan, followed suit, coming out as gay in a one-hour, two-part episode of her sitcom .

So, you know, I guess if that’s gay because it’s the same sex that I’m dealing with, then it’s gay.” De Generes is ultimately a success story, celebrated for risking her career to tell the truth and widen people’s world view.Page Six’s source explains that De Generes and de Rossi met nine months ago during a photo shoot and were both attracted to each other, but both women remained faithful to their girlfriends.It wasn’t until December 1st during VH1’s “Big in ’04” awards gala that the two met again—and acted on their mutual attraction.“Neither of them had any idea what was coming.” De Rossi is now said to be living with De Generes in her Hollywood Hills home.notes that the situation with de Rossi echoes the beginning of De Generes’s relationship with Anne Heche in 1997.